UNIQLO & Mashable


Objective: Increase consideration of UNIQLO's winter clothing line, HEATTECH

Consideration-driving strategy: In our second campaign with UNIQLO, my team not only pitched a content campaign that provided a lookbook of HEATTECH designs on real people, but we added an new components that took this partnership to the next level.

  1. Photography: Sourced “models” to wear HEATTECH and worked with a external photographer to capture each model’s essence in HEATTECH clothing

  2. Visual Storytelling: Created 2 visual articles on Mashable that shared images of models wearing HEATTECH, and stories on what motivated them to wear it

  3. Instagram Story Extension: Drove a social-first audience to our article content through Instagram Stories with a “swipe up” feature


  • Client approved new content format recommendations such as visual articles and Instagram Stories

  • 2.8K digital interactions to both UNIQLO custom content articles on Mashable

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.16.53 PM.png