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5 things to know before getting your first credit card

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Objective: Educate millennials about financial literacy, positioning Discover as a notable resource.

Awareness-driving strategy: Through a robust mix of article and video content with Discover, I spearheaded writing ‘5 things to know before getting your first credit card’. Here’s what made this concept fun:

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  1. Simplicity: When it comes to financials, it can get complicated. Especially when you’re in your 20’s and new to it. In this article, I cut through the clutter to give millennials what they actually need to know.

  2. Personal narratives: I reached out to Discover’s target audience, millennials, to get real quotes on what they wish they knew before getting their first credit card. Adding this personal twist added to the story.

  3. Brand integration: From the ‘5 things to know,’ I included seamless brand integrations to Discover’s existing brand-created content that leads their target audience down the consideration funnel.